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Always articulate and entertaining, "The Laura Ingraham Radio Program" has been addicting legions of listeners since her launch into national syndication in 2001. Smart, funny, and ahead of the curve in politics and the culture, Laura's busting down the door of the "boys only" radio club. Her show takes listeners on a wild ride through the colliding worlds of politics, the news media, and Hollywood.

Laura Ingraham
1am - 2am

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As a dedicated and aggressive Constutionalist, Jones consistently defends the Bill of Rights, property rights, and our nation’s borders. In the spirit of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, Jones passionately argues against foreign entanglements and wars for the sake of corporate and banking interests. Jones avoids the bogus political labels of “left and right” and instead focuses on what really matters — what’s right and wrong. As a tenacious journalist, Jones has broken hundreds of national stories over the span of his career, a feat that led to Matt Drudge giving a much coveted spot on the permanent links section of his hugely influential and highly trafficked website,

Alex Jones
2am – 5am

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Big Billy Kinder Outdoors is a two hour Outdoor Talk Radio Show produced by Kinder Productions, Inc. and hosted by Bill Kinder, 35 year radio veteran. Bill Kinder and his wife, Robin began their new company, Kinder Productions, Inc. in the summer of 2009 with the desire to work in their area of passion the Great Outdoors and a desire to commit their work to the Lord Jesus Christ. Big Billy Kinder hit the airwaves on December 12, 2009. The show is a lifestyles approach to the outdoors full of entertainment, education, celebrity guests, charity, FUN & MORE!

Big Billy Kinders Outdoors
5am - 7am

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revolution.jpgTune in anywhere and bum a ride with legendary, syndicated outdoor radio hosts Jim and Trav as they hit the trail in search of the finest hunting and fishing that the world has to offer.

So, loosen your ball cap and crank it to max volume because you're going to get nutritional brain food like: Trail tips and tactics from certified guides, outfitters, celebrities and pros that will leave your mind feeling satisfied and bloated!

The Revolution with Jim and Trav
7am - 8am

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 The View from Hillsdale
8am - 8:30am

The View from Hillsdale  -With Richard Caster

Mountain Home native and student of economics at Hillsdale College, Richard Caster covers all the news of the week from his dorm room, Galloway 312.

 With interviews from our nation's leading Conservative intellectuals, the faculty of Hillsdale College, to hilarious banter with co-host and roommate Ben Jiles, the show promises to enlighten as well as entertain you.   

The View from Hillsdale is made possible by these sponsors:
Alley Abstract Company 100 East 7th Street, Mountain Home
Colton's Steak House 2390 Highway 62 East, Mountain Home
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Paid Program
8:30am - 9am

Kim's weekly three-hour call-in talk radio show is heard (via her own national radio network called WestStar) on over 450 stations. In addition, she does a Digital Minute radio feature five days a week; has written nine books about life in the digital age; sends out 5 million e-mail newsletters weekly; and authors a widely syndicated newspaper column, which also runs in USA She does all of this, while raising a son and operating a growing media empire, with her husband and associate, Barry Young.

Kim Komando
Computer Show
9am - 12 noon

Official Website Call in Live 1-888-825-5254



Special Programming
 12 Noon - 1pm



Take flight with a winner....America's #1 Travel Radio Show -- RUDY MAXA'S WORLD and start enjoying the Results of winning radio. This engaging show is Informative, Entertaining, Fast-paced, Contemporary and Interactive and combines the best in nationally syndicated radio….breaking news, topical talk, listener interaction, high-profile guests, honest commentary, tips/trends, straight-forward advice, inside scoop, fun and entertainment, and so much more!

Rudy Maxa's World
1pm - 2pm

Official Website

Christopher Markowski has carried the titles of author, investment banker, equity analyst, muckraker, all around trouble-maker, and most importantly consumer advocate. He is the founder of the financial planning firm Markowski Investments, an institution that provides the highest level of financial planning to all people regardless of their net-worth. Christopher is the antithesis of what Wall Street has become; he believes that financial planning is a profession, not a vehicle for selling as many ridiculous financial products as possible. His clear-cut, honest approach is in complete contrast with the fabrication and deception that individual investors are exposed to every day.

Watchdog on Wallstreet
2pm - 4pm

Official Website

Special Programming
4pm - 4:30pm

From the Horses Mouth  with
Dale Hoffmann

4:30pm - 5pm

The newsmakers come to you each Saturday afternoon on Straight From the Horses Mouth! Dale Hoffmann hosts this informative half hour program where you'll hear the newsmakers in their own words without interruption. Tune into Mountain Talk each Saturday afternoon at 4:30, or listen anytime by clicking the Audio on Demand section of


Dave Ramsey offers life-changing financial advice as host of the nationally syndicated radio program, The Dave Ramsey Show, heard by nearly 3 million listeners each week on more than 375 radio stations throughout the United States.
The 3-hour live radio talk show focuses on life, love, and relationships, and how they happen to revolve around money.

Dave Ramsey Show
5pm - 8pm

Official Website


The host of Veteran's Chronicles, Gene Pell, has spent much of the last half-century as an award winning broadcast journalist. He has been both Moscow Bureau Chief and Pentagon Correspondent for NBC News, and for twenty years was news anchor for the NBC affiliate in Boston. He is also former Director for Voice of America and President of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Veteran’s Chronicles
8pm - 9pm

Official Website


The National Defense is a one-hour weekly talk show dedicated to America's heroes. Every week, the National Defense brings to the forefront issues of vital importance to our country but, until now, discussed by talk show hosts who have little or no connection to the United States military. With over 20 million veterans living in this country, the armed services have needed one of their own to champion the causes and issues most important to those who have served and bravely serve today.

The National Defense
9pm - 10pm



The Son's of Liberty is the first Conservative talk show that is not afraid to speak the truth, to step up and say America was founded on Christian Judeo principles - like it or not!

They take on today's political hot items and the problems we face. Tracing them to the roots of the issues and bring to conclusion that many of these issue have a direct correlation to our straying from the foundations laid by our forefathers, including the biblical basis in which our country was founded. That disturbing fact is so unsettling to the left, that they cannot wait to hear the next show!

Sons Of Liberty
10pm – Mid

Official Website




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